Where in the World Isn't Ryan Seacrest?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

F or Ryan Seacrest, mega-broadcast star, it was a dubious start. His first major TV gig? Hosting "Gladiators 2000," a 1994 teenage version of the pumped-up, battling muscleheads show. Other short-lived series followed (anyone remember "Wild Animal Games" or "The New Edge" or -- we kid you not -- the Internet-themed game show "Click"?). Then, in 2002, "American Idol" debuted and launched his toothy grin into the media universe. A look at the many faces of Total Seacrest Domination:

-- John Maynard

TaLK S how Ryan

He substitute-hosts for Larry King and Regis Philbin, and the rumors begin that he someday might don the suspenders or hold the coffee cup in a post-Larry, post-Regis world.

Baby New Year Ryan

With Dick Clark at last acting (and, alas, showing) his age, he selected Seacrest as his New Year's Eve co-host. Surely one day Clark will fully knight Ryan, and we'll be sipping the bubbly to "Ryan Seacrest's New Year's Rockin' Eve."

Emcee Ryan

He was margarine-smooth as Emmy host last year (despite one very confusing stage). With this year's "American Idol" premiere getting bigger ratings than the Oscars, Seacrest seems destined to dance with Hollywood's Golden Boy.

Mogul Ryan

With his own company -- Ryan Seacrest Productions -- and more than a dozen exec-producer credits (mostly red-carpet arrival shows), we're green with greenbacks envy.

Super Ryan

As host of Fox's pregame Super Bowl coverage last month, he chatted up celebrities arriving to the game. Next step: calling the action in the booth?

Red Carpet Ryan

Seacrest's ability to carry on while interviewing Jennifer Garner at the recent Oscars -- as a big, scary, hulking Gary Busey crashes the scene -- shows Seacrest can stand tall (or at least tall -ish) during a celeb crisis.

Radio Ryan

He hosts the popular "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" that frequently breaks news with its guest appearances. Sorry, Howard, meet the real King of All Media.

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