Chat Plus

Sunday, March 23, 2008

During our online chat (most Mondays at 2 p.m.), you ask and we answer your travel questions -- mostly. Here's one we couldn't get to last week.

I'm going on a cruise to the Bahamas soon. What would be some good shore excursions for someone who can walk only short distances?

How about an easy excursion to the Perfume Factory in Freeport? This purveyor of fragrances both popular and obscure offers untaxing tours and the chance to concoct your own potion (, 242-352-9391). On the same island, Grand Bahama Nature Tours (, 866-440-4542) will take you to the flora and fauna, escorting passengers via Jeep to some of the area's most interesting spots. In Nassau, you can get your swashbuckler on at Pirates of Nassau (, located near the cruise ship docks. It's a self-described "interactive museum of piracy," and really, how many of those can you name? -- S.V.

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