Thumbplay Content Store Added To Clear Channel Local Station Sites

David Kaplan
Monday, March 24, 2008; 10:00 PM

Thumbplay has signed a distribution deal with Clear Channel (NYSE: CCU), which plans to use the mobile content company's services to roll out custom retail pages across more than 650 of its local mobile music stations' websites. Clear Channel and Thumbplay will also create several other content stores for the radio network's news and sports stations over the course of the year. Thumbplay's content is contextually featured on Clear Channel stations' "Just Played" box and "Top 20 On Demand" lists within the stations' homepages. For the most part, the Thumbplay stores will sell ringtones from the "Just Played" and "Top 20" boxes for more than 2,000 supported-handsets.  Thumbplay claims to have deals with all major U.S. wireless carriers.

The Clear Channel agreement follows several other high-profile deals for Thumbplay, which has signed up AOL (NYSE: TWX), MSN and Sony (NYSE: SNE) BMG in recent months. For awhile, the mobile content provider was rumored to be for sale, but the completion of its $18 million fifth funding round last week appears to have killed off that notion, at least for now. Release


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