For Arenas, a Sore Knee and a Pain in the Neck

Gilbert Arenas
Arenas's off-court coats: Arenas with and without the NBA-mandated necktie for players not in uniform. (Carolyn Kaster and Pablo Martinex Monsivais/AP)
By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gilbert Arenas stormed out of the Wizards locker room in a huff Sunday night, and with good reason: Not only would docs not let him play on his still-healing knee . . . he had to break out another darned sports coat!

Four months on the bench have tested Agent Zero's wardrobe in a way that no man's should be. Ever since fall 2005, when the NBA released a strict new dress code in an effort to buff up the league's image, players who attend games while not in uniform must wear a blazer, dress shoes and socks. And if they don't? Arenas told our colleague Ivan Carter the NBA fashion police threatened to fine him $10,000 if he showed up one more time in casual wear. Which would be a shame since, as our blogging colleague Dan Steinberg noted, Arenas has actually modeled a rather stylish array of haberdashery this winter. (Which look do you prefer?

'State of Play's' Paper Tiger

All you D.C. journalists can just stop worrying about layoffs now. The local newspaper industry is booming! Why, look, a brand new one just opened downtown over the weekend! . . . Oh, wait.

The signs for the offices of "The Washington Globe" that went up were, as it turns out, just another piece of Hollywood artifice decorating our city for the filming of "State of Play," the political thriller starring Ben Affleck as a congressman with a dead-mistress problem and Russell Crowe as a scruffy reporter at a newsroom lorded over by Helen Mirren. We're told the daily Washington Globe is in no way meant to represent The Washington Post, which was obviously the case by the look of the fake front pages in the fake newspaper boxes on L Street NW. Their Gothic-style typeface is way more florid than our Gothic-style typeface, and it only costs 35 cents.

HEY, ISN'T THAT . . . ?

¿ Katie Couric startling the staffers at U-Va.'s Cavalier Daily yesterday by unexpectedly walking into the offices. The class of '79 grad brought along 16-year-old daughter Ellie , who's visiting colleges and wants to be a journalist. Couric (jeans and a black coat, shorter than you expect) used to work for the student paper, asked for a copy of the latest issue and marveled that so much of the staff is female.

¿ Jonas Brothers setting off a youthquake at Morton's in Georgetown on Sunday night. The teeny-bop sensations came in with a group of 20, had rib-eye and filet; weren't recognized by management until kids having Easter dinner spotted them and asked for autographs and pictures. The group was in Washington to perform at yesterday's White House Easter Egg Roll.


¿ Hitched: Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz-- ex-wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy-- and event planner Richard Attias Sunday night at N.Y.C.'s Rainbow Room, according to French newspapers. The former first lady lost the marriage race to her ex, who wed model Carla Bruni last month. Sunday's wedding, just five months after the Sarkozys divorced, topped off three days of private festivities, reported Le Figaro.

¿ Engaged: Country singer Sara Evans and former University of Alabama quarterback Jay Barker, after dating five months. Evans dropped out of "Dancing With the Stars" in 2006 after filing for divorce; second marriage for both.


¿ Fred Thompson is tan, rested and ready for another run . . . at Hollywood. The former GOP presidential candidate, actor, senator and lawyer has signed with the William Morris Agency to dive back into showbiz. The 65-year-old is best known as "Law & Order's" district attorney, but that job is now filled by Sam Waterston. Hmm -- maybe something on "Dancing With the Stars"?

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