Md. Legislation Status

Tuesday, March 25, 2008; 7:00 PM

A look at where some bills stood as of Tuesday, with less than two weeks left in the 90-day session. Bills with an asterisk are part of Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley's legislative agenda or budget initiatives.


LegislationWhat bill would doStatus
DNA collection expansion*Expand state database to include samples taken at arrest for violent crimes.Similar bills passed in both chambers.
Death penalty repealReplace the death penalty with life without parole.Stalled in both chambers.
Death penalty studyEstablishes a commission to study capital punishment.Similar bills passed by House and Senate.
Child abuse reportingSubjects health practitioners, police and educators to a fine for failure to report suspected child abuse.Passed by Senate; similar bill withdrawn in House.
Alcohol consumption responsibilityIncreases penalty for adults who provide alcohol to those under age 21House made it a misdemeanor; Senate increased civil fines.
GPS tracking of juvenile offendersSpend nearly $1 million to track 250 youths.Included in Senate budget; some money in House budget.



What bill would doStatus
Chesapeake Bay Fund*Establish uses of a $50 million-a-year fund for cleanup.House and Senate passed bills cutting the fund to $25 million.
Critical Areas reformTighten regulations on development in environmentally sensitive areas.Passed by House; pending in Senate.
Global warmingCall for reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2020.Passed by Senate; in House committee.
Strategic Energy Investment Program*Create funds to decrease energy demand and increase energy supply.In committee.
Energy efficiency*Set goal of a 15 percent reduction in per capita electricity consumption by 2015.In committee.
Renewable energy portfolio*Boost to 20 percent the portion of the state energy portfolio provided by wind, solar and other renewable sources.In committee.
Energy efficient buildings*Require new or renovated state buildings and schools to meet standardsSimilar bills passed by House and Senate
Solar energy grant program*Increase amounts of grants available.Passed by House; in Senate committee.
Electricity generation

Allow state regulators to control decommissioning fund for Calvert Cliffs nuclear plant.In committee.


What bill would doStatus
Computer services tax repealRepeal a tax passed last fall on a range of computer services.No action yet in House or Senate.
Foreclosure reform*Make mortgage fraud a crime; extend foreclosure timetable; prohibit rescue transactions and prepayment penalties.Similar bills passed by House and Senate.
Banking reformAllow state banks to charge penalties to borrowers who pay off second mortgages early.Sent to governor.
Debt counseling

Allow for-profit companies to operate in Maryland.Passed by Senate; in House committee.
Iran divestiture*Requires state pension board to divest holdings in companies doing business with Iran.In committee.
State government*Create a Department of Information Technology.Similar bills passed by House and Senate.
BRAC incentives*Create revitalization and incentive zones and tax credits to prepare for growth from base realignment.In Senate and House committees.
Video gambling

Instant bingo and similar electronic games in violation of gambling laws would be banned.Passed by Senate; in House committee.


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