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Meghan McCain Offers Her Own Straight Talk on The Campaign

"We balance each other really well -- like, just our personalities," McCain says.

"Like, we would be the perfect person if we were all one person," Bae says.

Some time back, McCain posted to her Web site a detailed explanation of her campaign trail makeup regimen, including her approach to maximizing lash "density" by blending two brands of mascara, and her technique for priming lips with concealer before applying Benefit brand lip gloss.

"I just decided to do it 'cause a lot of girls were asking," she says. "And then I was dutifully punished on the Internet for writing about makeup." She starts to giggle. "But I got a lot of good response and Benefit actually sent me an e-mail being like, 'We love that you love Benefit!' Yeah. So, I was like, 'Yay.' "

There's a strategic genius to a blog like this, which features all these fun family snaps, including one of Meghan's mom, Cindy, sitting on a hotel bed in pink polka dot pajamas, while a stylist takes down her elaborate up-do. The public likes seeing what famous people wear to bed and what snacks they take with them. And the public votes.

There's a genius, too, to Meghan McCain's style of saying so much without divulging anything truly intimate -- a balancing act perfected by her dad on his Straight Talk Express. The more you talk, the more people start to feel as if they know you. The more you talk, the more you minimize the reverberations of any one thing you say.

Some things she doesn't want to say at all.

How did she and Heather Brand meet?

"Basically, I just did a photo shoot of Meghan," Brand says.

What for?

"Um, who did we meet up for?" Brand says, looking at McCain, and it's not clear if she doesn't remember or if she's being careful.

"It was for something that we don't talk about anymore because it didn't work out," McCain says. The blogettes steer the conversation into a discussion of how much they all like one another.

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