We have questions. Questions about questions.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

We have questions. Questions about questions.

Q: Are certain questions out of bounds?

Q: Was it inappropriate for a college student to ask Chelsea Clinton on Tuesday whether her mom's credibility had suffered from her handling of the Monica Lewinsky scandal?

Q: Is it true, as Chelsea suggested in her terse response, that the topic isn't "any of your business"?

Q: Or did her dad's conduct make it the nation's business?

Q. Does Chelsea's role as a campaign surrogate who's chosen to put herself in the public eye make her subject to questions about her mom's experience as first lady -- even the unpleasant stuff?

Q: Or are the rules different because this is personal for her, as her audience seemed to think when they applauded her answer?

( Q: And does America still think of Chelsea as an adolescent who needs to be protected?)

Q: Does intent matter? If the student, who says he's a Hillary Clinton supporter, was truly hoping to hear Chelsea discuss "what makes Hillary so strong," was her response an overreaction?

Q: Or is any query that alludes to the name "Lewinsky" gratuitously salacious?

Just asking . . .

-- Libby Copeland

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