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Subway's Biggest Loser

Although Jared still dines frequently on Subway sandwiches (sweet onion teriyaki chicken with baked chips is his favorite meal), he has learned to eat other healthy food. "I read more nutrition labels and pay attention to what is a healthy way to prepare something versus not a healthy way," he says. "I'm not a calorie-counter per se, but I have learned to know what is a decent size of food for me."

He works out regularly with a personal trainer when he's at home in Indianapolis. On the road, he walks regularly for exercise.

"I think the reason why I have been around for nine years is that people can relate to my story," Jared says. "I'm not some buff jock or famous actor. I'm just sort of like everybody else."

In short, he's trying to eat smart and move more one day at a time.

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