Crowds a Hazard As Metro, Riders Brace for Crunch

By Robert Thomson
Sunday, March 30, 2008

This letter illustrates why Metro was right to temporarily suspend its weekend track-work program, which for several months this winter created extensive delays on the Red Line. But it also shows the danger of crowding at any time.

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

Here is my pet peeve, and it's a safety issue, too. For some time, Red Line and other trains have been running slowly on the weekends. We waited for quite some time at Gallery Place for a Glenmont train.

When a train arrived, it was packed, but most of the passengers were getting off. However, the train conductor was unwilling to wait for everyone to get off, let alone for anyone to get on. It really looked like exiting passengers were going to be separated from their friends and families who could not get off and that all the people waiting would be left on the platform. People held the doors, and most people managed to get on, but it was a very dangerous situation.

At least the train operator did not lecture us. The last time this happened, we were treated to a lecture on what horrible passengers we were. It's not like another train was going to pull in anytime soon. I think Metro needs to instruct operators on delayed weekend trains to let everyone get on and off.

Carolyn Bayer

Silver Spring

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