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(By Gerald Martineau -- The Washington Post)
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Sunday, March 30, 2008

At 230 feet high and 240 feet wide, the atrium, below, is large enough to house a space shuttle.

The atrium has 2,000 panes of glass that each weigh 500 pounds.

The white atrium trusses weigh 50 tons each and are welded to the roof only on the south side. The other side floats to allow the glass roof to expand and contract based on the sun's heat.

Prince George's Exhibit Hall, at 180,000 square feet, is the size of three football fields and could accommodate 400 tractor-trailers.

The hotel has enough coffee urns to make 7,700 cups of coffee at a time.

The double Gemini pastry oven can make 800 dinner rolls in five minutes.

The convention center walk-in cooler is 6,000 square feet, the size of three average-size houses.

The Potomac Ballroom is 50,000 feet, 15,000 square feet larger than the next-biggest ballroom in Washington.

A bathroom stall in the nightclub offers a panoramic view, and the Washington Monument can be seen from the hot tub in a couples treatment room in the Rel¿che spa.

There are 50,000 sprinkler heads, 57,500 lighting fixtures and 9,934 doors.

The hotel spent $ 4.2 million on "smallwares" -- dishes, cups, saucers, etc.

10 million square feet of drywall were used. Standing end-to-end, the panels would stretch 473 miles.

Source: Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center

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