Mike ReillyPitchOdalis PĂ©rezStrikeoutKelly Johnson (1st inning)WalkYunel Escobar (1st)HitCristian G...">
Nationals Park Firsts

Monday, March 31, 2008


Denyce Graves
"Play ball!"Mike Reilly
PitchOdalis Pérez
StrikeoutKelly Johnson (1st inning)
WalkYunel Escobar (1st)
HitCristian Guzmán (1st)
ErrorTim Hudson (1st)
DoubleNick Johnson (1st)
RunGuzmán (1st)
RBIJohnson (1st)
Broken batGuzmán (3rd)
Home runChipper Jones (4th)

Race winner


Washington (4th)

WinJon Rauch
LossPeter Moylan
Walk-off homerRyan Zimmerman (9th)

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