Cheers and Boos as the Nats Play Ball

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

As a Navy veteran and the uncle of an Army Ranger on his third tour in Iraq, I was disgusted by the people who booed President Bush before the start of the Washington Nationals' season-opening game ["A 'Storybook Ending,' " front page, March 31].

Our president deserves respect, and booing him at a nationally televised game ruined the team's triumph and the beauty of the day. I felt embarrassed for the city of Washington.

Shame on the fans who did this. Booing the president was like booing me and my nephew. The president and the troops deserve an apology.


El Cajon, Calif.


What a fabulous start for the Nationals at their new stadium in Southeast Washington, with politicians cutting ribbon and helpful and polite workers guiding fans in a smart new structure in which to showcase the team's exhibition game victory over the Baltimore Orioles ["Nationals Will Be Entering a New Dimension," Sports, March 30].

Publicists have touted the wide variety of stadium fare that will be available, including kosher food and offerings from cherished local eateries. But in a city that has recognized obesity and other food-related issues as significant concerns, why doesn't the stadium offer healthy, low-fat meal or snack options? I didn't expect to find vegetables, but my search for a salad or some other healthy food such as fruit proved, well, fruitless.

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