Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Passes Available for Pope's Mass

Metro is selling rail passes for $9 for April 17, the day of Pope Benedict XVI's Mass at Nationals Park. The commemorative "Mass Pass" is a paper Farecard that can be used for unlimited travel from the 5 a.m. opening until the midnight closing. The deadline for online and bulk orders is Friday.

Customers can order up to 22 passes online, at, with a major credit card. The cards will also be available at Metro sales offices through April 17 at Metro Center, the Pentagon Transit Center and Metro headquarters, at 600 Fifth St. NW. To place a bulk order of more than 22 passes, call 202-962-5700.

Metro is urging those attending the 10 a.m. Mass to buy the passes ahead of time to avoid lines at Farecard machines in stations.

-- Lena H. Sun


Pipes to Get Spring Cleaning

Tap water in the District, Arlington County and the Falls Church area could have a slight taste and smell of chlorine starting Friday, water officials said yesterday, as pipes get a "spring cleaning."

From that date until May 12, the Washington Aqueduct, the federal agency that processes drinking water for those areas, will change one part of its water treatment process. It will use free chlorine instead of chemicals called chloramines to kill bacteria in the system.

Authorities said that the tap water will be safe to drink and that it should not cause lead to leach out of pipes. The water might be cloudy, they said, and if it does not clear up after a few moments of running the tap, residents should call their water authority.

-- David A. Fahrenthold

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