Metro's Star Turns on Film and TV

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

These are some of the films and videos that have been shot on Metro property.

- "State of Play," 2009, a political thriller starring Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams. Filmed actor riding an escalator at the Rosslyn Metro and walking through a tunnel at the Forest Glen Station. Filming aboard train tonight.

- "Breach," 2007, a spy drama starring Chris Cooper, Laura Linney and Ryan Phillippe. Filmed actors at the Federal Triangle Station and riding escalators at the Federal Triangle and Archives-Navy Memorial stations.

- "The Invasion," 2007, a sci-fi thriller starring Nicole Kidman. Filmed Kidman entering the Cleveland Park Station, running into it, jumping over a fare gate and getting on a train.

- "The Good Shepherd," 2006, a drama starring Matt Damon. Closed one entrance at the Smithsonian Station, moved a bus shelter, a bus stop pole and covered a Metro pylon.

- "Thank You for Smoking," 2006, a satire starring Aaron Eckhardt. Filmed actors at the Cleveland Park Station.

- Television commercial for Chevy Chase Bank, 2006. Filmed an actor an posing as Ben Franklin with an automated-teller machine at the Dupont Circle and Virginia Square stations.

- "Syriana," 2005, a political drama starring George Clooney and Matt Damon. Filmed actors riding an escalator at the Archives-Navy Memorial Station.

- "National Treasure," 2004, an action movie starring Nicholas Cage. Filmed an actor riding an escalator at the Archives-Navy Memorial Station.

- Japanese program about rail systems, 1998. Filmed the Union Station, Metro Center and Reagan National Airport stations.

- Training video for U.S. Army, 1997. Filmed Union Station for a video about nuclear, chemical and biological domestic preparations.

- "The Jackal," 1997, a high-tech thriller starring Bruce Willis and Richard Gere. Because of the film's violent nature, Universal Studios was barred from filming Metro graphics or the logo, so producers recorded only the sound of Metro rail cars at Union Station.

SOURCE: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

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