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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Four Post staff writers and two contributors scoured the new Nationals Park during the exhibition game on Saturday and opening day on Sunday, trying dozens of items in search of appropriate deliciousness. We found a few we're labeling Home Runs, plus some Runs, some Hits and, unfortunately, some Errors. Find pictures and reviews of other Nationals Park nibbles here.

Pulled pork sandwich $10.50
Pulled chicken sandwich $10.50
Smoked brisket sandwich $10.50
Red Hot & Blue
Left Field Food Court (Section 106)

As good as ballpark food gets: The pork was moist, with nicely charred ends and a great smoky taste. The pulled chicken could almost qualify as healthful. And this was one of those rare occasions when the brisket was as moist, juicy and tasty as the pork. In all cases, the buns were warm, portions large and service quick and easy. Three sauces were available: hot, sweet and vinegar; all of them were good.

-- Nancy Lewis

French fries $5
Nats Dogs and Taste of the Majors
Multiple locations, including Section 116 and Left Field Food Court (Section 106)

The fries were unerringly good: hot, crispy and with potato flavor. At Taste of the Majors, they were the only thing good about a crab cake platter.

-- Nancy Lewis

Roasted peanuts $4
Stands hawker

Great roasted peanuts are a wonderful reason to take in a ballgame, but these were awful. Brining gave them a too-salty taste; the peanuts were overcooked and stale and the shells almost flaky. Give me some fresh peanuts in a brown paper bag, not prepackaged in cellophane.

-- Nancy Lewis

Cheesesteak sandwich $8.50
Taste of the Majors
Multiple locations, including Section 116

The meat was shredded so finely it almost looked like ground beef; there was no cheese, and the onions were barely cooked and too strong. After waiting in line for 15 minutes with only six people in front of me, I was handed a cold cheesesteak.

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