Over the Line at School?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Potomac View Elementary School administrators overreacted in bringing in the police in response to a 6-year-old boy slapping a classmate's bottom twice after another classmate had done the same [editorial, April 4]. I oppose such zero- tolerance polices.

But The Post showed appalling insensitivity to the inappropriate nature of Randy Castro's act. Speaking from my own experience and that of my two daughters in Montgomery County schools, our culture remains largely indifferent to privacy and harassment issues involving gender.

Acts of taunting and inappropriate touching such as unwanted kissing and slapping should be taken seriously. The cumulative effect of such "minor" incidents can create lasting feelings of insecurity and fuel gender


Potomac View administrators were right to take some action, yet too many adults like your editorial writers shrug such incidents off as "playful" and worthy of "giggles" rather than concern.


Takoma Park


The April 3 front-page article "For Little Children, Grown-Up Labels As Sexual Harassers" examined an important issue. However, as the article itself highlighted, there can be confusion about the legal obligations of schools regarding sexual harassment.

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