Charting an Inexplicable Loss

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Montgomery County Circuit Court records detail the child custody battle between Amy and Mark Castillo.


June 29-July 5: Mark Castillo is hospitalized involuntarily for depression and suicide threats.

July 19: Amy Castillo, saying her husband refused to take medication or seek further treatment, files an emergency motion for sole custody of their three children, Anthony, Austin and Athena.

Oct. 10: Psychological evaluation of Mark Castillo raises concerns about repressed anger, but he is deemed to pose a low risk to the children if he continues therapy.

Nov. 22: Judge Durke Thompson, after reviewing recommendations, allows unsupervised visitation.

Christmas Day: Amy Castillo requests a temporary restraining order, saying Mark Castillo told her that "the worst thing he could do to me would be to kill the children and not me."


Jan. 4: Amy Castillo files an emergency motion to cease Mark Castillo's access to the children.

Jan. 10: Judge Joseph A. Dugan Jr. denies Amy Castillo's motion but appoints an attorney for the children and requires Mark Castillo to provide proof of therapy.

Spring: Mark Castillo files a string of legal motions, asking to act as child-care provider for the family.

June 27, 2007: Judge Michael Mason denies Amy Castillo's request to halt visitation, having cited recent analysis by Mark Castillo's psychotherapist saying there was little evidence that he "placed his children at physical risk."

Oct. 2: Amy Castillo is held in contempt of court for denying Mark Castillo visitation.


Feb. 7: Judge John W. Debelius III grants a limited divorce to Amy Castillo and denies Mark Castillo's request for alimony. He is asked to pay $1,214 a month in child support.

March 25: Mark Castillo asks the court to force Amy Castillo to sign over the title of the family minivan and to "punish" her for playing "games."

March 29: Mark Castillo takes the children for a visit but fails to return them at the appointed time. Amy Castillo calls Montgomery County police, who search his Rockville home.

March 30: The children are found dead in a Baltimore hotel. Mark Castillo tells police he drowned them in the bathtub and then tried to kill himself.

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