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Favorite Education Blogs of 2008

· School Matters.

Bernstein: Jim Horn, who runs this site, teaches at Monmouth University and is one of the most consistently incisive commentators on education anywhere.

Mathews: Horn is a talented, acerbic writer and a well-informed analyst. I cherish his blog because he is, by far, my most persistent critic. There is no better way for me to get my heart started in the morning than to read Horn on the latest inanities of that tool of the testing industry, Jay Mathews. I hope he is staying healthy and eating right, since as the years roll by I am going to need more such stimulation. I plan to beg him to do next year's blog picks for this column.

· Sherman Dorn.

Bernstein: Dorn is a professor at the University of South Florida and the current editor of Education Policy Analysis Archive, a key online peer-reviewed journal about education policy. His site sometimes points at key issues that are bubbling in the profession. Like me, he is a participant in the Education Policy Blog.

Mathews: Dorn is among the great original thinkers of education wonkery.

· Forum for Education and Democracy.

Bernstein: The forum supports research, publicationsand action projects that promote the democratic purpose of public education. Its conveners include a number of major figures in education: Ladson-Billings, Meier, Darling-Hammond, Noguera, Valenzuela, Sizer and Glickman. The commentary posted on the blog offers in a concise fashion the insights and viewpoints of this group of very significant figures in education.

Mathews: Very highbrow stuff, worth reading.

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