Tips: Finding Kosher Selections

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Often a wine bottle's label will indicate its kosher status.

Kosher: Hebrew for "fit" or "proper." Look for an encircled letter, such as "U" (which means it has been certified as kosher by the Orthodox Union), "K" (OK Kosher Certification) or "KA" (Kosher Australia certification).

Kosher for Passover: Often indicated by an encircled letter or letters such as "U," "K" or "KA" with a "P" next to it. This indicates that the wine has passed the even stricter kosher standards for Passover.

Mevushal (pronounced meh-VOO-shell): Mevushal wines are those that have been pasteurized via flash-heating. These can be handled by non-Jews (such as caterers or waiters) and remain kosher.

Kosher winemakers to keep an eye out for: Capcanes (Spanish reds), Carmel, Castel (100 percent chardonnay "C" blanc and cabernet-based Grand Vin), Covenant (cabernet sauvignon), Galil, Golan, Goose Bay, Herzog Wine Cellars and its value-priced Baron Herzog line, Psagot (Edom), Rothschild and Yarden.

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