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He's Young. And Her Friend Might Have A Beef With Him. Game Over? Not So Fast.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Ayesha: When I told my friends my date's first name, they were like, "I know this guy." So I typed his name into Facebook. [At the restaurant,] the second he walked up, I knew he was the guy. He's taller than me, has a nice athletic build and dresses with this really mature style.

Anwar: She stood up to give me a hug. I was like, This is going to be fine. She's somebody that I'd be attracted to in any setting.

Ayesha: He sat down, and I said, "I know some people who went to Howard." I told him one name, and he got this look.

Anwar: I was like, This isn't going to end well. I had tried to hang out with [the friend] and her sorority sister, and the first girl got the idea that I was a player. I was wondering if she said anything bad about me.

Ayesha: She's not that type, and it really wasn't a big deal. We were so engrossed in talking that it took us a while to order our entrees. We talked about our jobs and where we're from. He's like, "I'm from this place called West Oak Lane [in Philadelphia]." I was like, "I'm from there, too." Then it came out that he's only 22. It was a small, teensy hurdle. He definitely acts mature.

Anwar: The Philly thing was a big deal. And she studied music, and I love music, so we connected on that. I think if my age was one of the first things said, [it] wouldn't have gone as well. But she'd gotten to know me a little. I could tell she was interested.

Ayesha: I was flirting. He was being really flirty, too. By the time the entrees came, we were sitting next to each other. He suggested it because we were going to take a picture together. But then he was like, "I really just wanted you to come over." It was cute.

Anwar: We were close. In each other's faces. I was joking and saying, "The next restaurant we go to ... ," and she was like, "You're making second date plans already?" Then later she was like, "Oh, we have to go to this [movie]." I said, "Look at you making second date plans." She was giggling. I said I didn't really want the night to end, and she was like, "Neither do I."

Ayesha: It was about 10:15. I was thinking of places we could go, and I remembered that it was the finale of "The Wire," my favorite show. So we just went to my house.

Anwar: I had a headache, but I put up with it just to spend more time with her. It was romantic. The lights were low. I ended up laying my head on her shoulder.

Ayesha: At maybe 12:30, he announced he wanted to let me get some sleep. I told him to text me when he got home safely. He did, and we texted for like 45 minutes.

Anwar: We were making sure that we were both on the same page; she was interested in me, and I was interested in her. I'd rate the date a 5 [out of 5]. I'd probably try to see her tonight if I didn't work so late.

Ayesha: It's a 5. I see us hanging out in the near future. I hope it will be soon.

Interviews by Christina Breda Antoniades

UPDATE: Ayesha and Anwar have gone out several times. "We'll see what happens," he says.

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