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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Aric: I didn't sleep too much before the date. I had a 24-hour shift at the firehouse, then went straight to the gym, trained clients for a few hours and worked on myself for a few hours. On the way to the restaurant, I went to CakeLove and bought Jacquelyn some cupcakes.

Jacquelyn: I showed up early, but I had a book, so I went and sat at the bar. When he got there, I was like, I'd totally make out with him. He's really cute. And the cupcakes were a sweet gesture.

Aric: She had a big smile and good positive energy, but she's not usually the type I date. I'm into the real active type. I didn't let that deter me, though. We went to the table and started talking.

Jacquelyn: The first thing he asked was, "What do you do?" And I said, "I have two jobs. I work for a government contractor, and I work in organ procurement." And he said, "Wow, is that what it sounds like?" And I said, "Yes." And that's it. He didn't really have any questions to ask me. So we talked about him a lot.

Aric: I wanted to learn more about her, but her questions kept coming. We talked about what I did for a living, where I lived, where I was from. We were both trying to figure out why we were matched up, and we couldn't. I like to work out a few hours a day, five days a week. She's more the opposite type.

Jacquelyn: At one point, he said, "When have you most recently been outside the country?" And I said, "A friend and I went to Cancun." He was like, "You got the chance to travel, and you picked Cancun?" A little bit of the judginess.

Aric: Maybe that's the impression she got, but I never criticize anyone's lifestyle. The whole tone of things was friendly. We were joking around, being sarcastic. We ordered dinner. But it didn't progress to the point where it could have been romantic.

Jacquelyn: He worked with underprivileged children and does a lot of charity work. I was impressed. But there was definitely no spark. It's hard [to feel chemistry] when somebody isn't showing very much of an ability to even act interested. But he had to be incredibly tired.

Aric: I thought I was engaged. My number one goal, and I said it the whole time, was to have a good time. We shared our desserts, and when we finished that was an indicator that the date was over. It was about 9:15.

Jacquelyn: We had a hug, and I gave him a little kiss on the cheek, and then we left. It didn't occur to me until later that we didn't exchange information. I'd give the date a 4.1. He was sweet and seems like he really tries hard to make a difference. But I think I missed a huge part of his personality.

Aric: I'd rate the date a 3. I think we both knew that it wasn't a romantic match, so there was no expectation from either side.

Interviews by Christina Breda Antoniades

UPDATE: Aric's Facebook page clinched Jacquelyn's feeling that she wasn't his type. "It has pictures of him with a lot of gorgeous, exotic-looking women."

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