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Sunday, April 20, 2008

High on Ecuador

I AM an Ecuadoran professor living and teaching in Virginia. I greatly enjoyed K.C. Summers's article on Ecuador ["Upscale Markets. Way, Way Up," April 13]. I share her enthusiasm for my country's lively markets, handicrafts, the sweet tenderness of the Ecuadoran women and the great prices you can get while indulging in beautiful hosterias.

I encourage exploring Ecuador's Pacific coast, especially Manabi, a great place to see the whales, and the southeastern rain forest. You still can travel comfortably and get in touch with reality.

Ruth Roman

Wise, Va.

I ENJOYED your piece, especially since I'm headed there this summer -- first to tour the Galapagos, then the mainland. Your description has me even more psyched.

Erica Bray


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