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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Teen Service Trips

VOLUNTEER VACATIONS are not just for teens; adults enjoy them just as much. I enjoyed Cindy Loose's article ["Teens on a Mission: What a Trip," April 20], but anyone who wants to help out in the world would enjoy a volunteer vacation.

I recently returned from two weeks in India with a group called Ambassadors for Children ( The company combines volunteer activities with more vacation-minded pursuits and has trips around the globe with almost any activity you could think of. Our group spent one week setting up a library and computer classroom at Ramana's Garden, an orphanage in Rishikesh, India, and one week taking yoga classes at the International Yoga Festival. It was a fantastic experience.

Habitat for Humanity also offers volunteer vacations for adults, as does the Sierra Club and the American Hiking Society. Search "volunteer vacation" on the Internet to find the right one.

Debbie Stadtler


Diners, Cont'd

REALLY ENJOYED John Deiner's article ["Spud Mountain or Bust," April 13]. I grew up in Philly and have spent a lot of time on business in Jersey. Unless I had a client with me, I always ate lunch in a diner.

I noted the comment about pork roll not being known outside the area. Pork roll was a regular offering in my high school cafeteria. I have asked my mother to bring some when she visits. To my surprise, I recently found packages of Taylor Pork Roll in the McLean Giant. I have some in my refrigerator.

Mark Hower


Liverpool, Cont'd

ALEXANDRA TOPPING accurately described the extraordinary friendliness of the people of Liverpool ["Back to Where It Once Belonged," April 13]. When we visited St. Peter's Church, where John Lennon and Paul McCartney met for the first time, the verger spent 20 minutes talking with us. We felt like honored guests.

Liverpool is a magic place. On the day we took the bus tour of Beatles-related sites, it was pouring rain until just before we arrived at Penny Lane. Then the sun came out, seemingly just so we could see the "blue suburban skies" of the song.

One correction: There are no direct flights to Manchester from Washington-area airports.

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