Sunday, April 27, 2008

Frederick Ramps Closing

At 9 tonight, highway workers are scheduled to close the entrance and exit ramps from eastbound Interstate 70 onto South Street (Exit 55). Workers are installing a water main under South Street as part of a $93 million interchange and highway extension project along I-70 that is scheduled to be completed in fall 2009. Use exit 54 (Route 355/85) or exit 56 (Route 144) as alternate routes during the ramp closures. The ramps should reopen by 5 a.m. tomorrow.

Handgrips on Metro Cars

The transit authority is installing metal grips along the overhead railings in its newest rail cars, the 6000 series. These are the cars in which poles have been removed from the front and rear entrances to move riders toward the center of the train and away from the doors. Shorter riders have complained about the difficulty of reaching the railings. The metal grips tilt toward the windows and away from the aisles but can be pulled toward the rider.

Metrobus to BWI Airport

I found Metro's B30 bus to be a very convenient and cheap way of getting between Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport and the Greenbelt Metro station -- once I found the bus stop. From inside the airport terminal, it's a little difficult to figure out which way to go once you exit the baggage claim area.

Look for the bus shelters at either end of the terminal. As you exit the Greenbelt Station heading to the airport, walk to the left of the exit to find the B30 shelter. The trip costs $3 with a SmarTrip electronic fare card, $3.10 with cash.

Montgomery Ride On Fare and Fee Proposals

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