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The Trail

"The O'Reilly Factor" may not seem like the most hospitable environment for Clinton. O'Reilly has criticized her and her husband periodically since they lived in the White House, but his show could also enable Clinton to reach more moderate and conservative voters in the run-up to next week's Indiana and North Carolina primaries.

-- Howard Kurtz


Independent Ads on Health Care

Independent groups released two news ads Tuesday focused on health care.

The American Leadership Project, a group set up by donors to Hillary Clinton, scripted one commercial. The ad, airing in Indiana, targets Barack Obama for "leaving as many as 15 million Americans uncovered" with his health-care proposal.

The political arm of the Obama-aligned Service Employees International Union launched the second ad, which is airing in Ohio and the District, and targets Republican Sen. John McCain. "Like President Bush, John McCain won't stop rising health-care costs," the ad says.

-- Matthew Mosk

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