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Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a Ham

PIGS DO FLY! Serrano ham [Travel Q&A, April 27] has been available for about a year at Balducci's in Washington and Bethesda. Unfortunately, you can't buy it freshly hand-sliced from a leg hanging from a hook as in Spain.

Marie Anderson

Chevy Chase

I HAVE TO strongly disagree with your comments about Serrano ham: There are many reasons to "dis" the USDA program. These are the people who for many years wouldn't let us import Argentine beef -- the finest in the world -- for protectionist reasons, but camouflaged it as health concerns. These are the people who won't let us import, even for personal consumption, epoisses and other fine European unpasteurized cheeses. (I know of one professional chef who claims to have smuggled an epoisses home in his child's diaper bag.)

I shall go on eating unpasteurized epoisses, proper Brie, Argentine beef and other similar products when I am fortunate enough to find them.

James Quinn


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