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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Maybe it's the time of the year, or Talkbackers needed a break from the playoffs, the NFL draft and baseball. But the overwhelming response to my asking readers to name John Feinstein's soon-to-open restaurant in Potomac shocked me. If not the self-absorbed Feinstein.

Here are my entries: Prolifics, J.F.'s, Headlines, Headliners, Quill & Scroll, Junior's, Feinstein's, Bestsellers, Bestcellars, John's Place, Johnny's Joint, Legends.

Stuart Shalloway, Rockville

Feinstein isn't likely to name the place after himself. Well, if there was a Joe DiMaggio's in San Francisco and a Stan Musial's in St. Louis, he might.

* * *

Suggestions for the name of Junior's proposed restaurant: A Good Meal Spoiled, A Meal on the Brink, Rumpled, The Pregame Buffet (Ad on the marquee: Sportswriters Eat Free!) and Irony's.

Mike Fenner, Charlottesville

Rumpled. I like that. As long as the tablecloths are made of denim.

* * *

We remember how it was one of the great treats for Feinstein to enjoy those weekly lunches with the late Red Auerbach. So why not call Feinstein's restaurant Red's?

Candi Kaplan, Bethesda

Red would veto such a suggestion, although for a brief period he owned a Chinese (big surprise) restaurant in Boston.

* * *

If it's a steakhouse, how about A Good Chop Spoiled. Or if it's a seafood restaurant, A Crab Cake on the Brink.

Ken Guyton, Haymarket


* * *

It has to be named Seasoning to Member.

Bob Highbarger, Potomac

A salty entry.

* * *

A Cafe on the Brink. This sounds like a joke but the more I thought about it, the more it makes sense. This is a play on John's most popular book. So what if most of the women from Potomac who will frequent the place don't know the book or John. They'll think its funny that an upscale cafe is making fun of itself. The sports crowd will be on board anyway with the literal interpretation.

Steve Stegman, Silver Spring

Most women who frequent the restaurant will be satisfied to simply view the owner from afar.

* * *

I suggest Pardon the Indigestion.

John D. Banusiewicz, Washington

Tony and Mike would object.

* * *

Les Brasserie Cameron Indoor at Potomac.

Bob Moss, Potomac

My favorite.

Feinstein will make his choice shortly, but will not pick up the check for the winning entry.

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