Tripping the Light Fantastic in D.C. Neighborhoods

Monday, May 5, 2008

There are more aspects to light pollution than those summarized in your excellent May 1 Metro article "Brightness Outside, Darkened Moods Inside; As Streetlights Flood Homes, Some in D.C. Will Do Anything to Take Back the Night."

The Post reported a connection between light pollution and breast cancer in the Feb. 20 news story "Lights at Night Are Linked to Breast Cancer; Study Bolsters Theory About Interference With Production of Key Hormone," for example.

Dupont Circle denizens probably aren't thinking about this, but light pollution travels 200 miles and affects birds, bats and other animals.

If it costs $25,000 to put in a light, why not install fixtures that reduce glare, provide better visibility, save energy and don't trample on the environment?



The writer is Washington Liaison for the International Dark-Sky Association.

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