Fair Use? Tell That To The Judge

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Tuesday, May 5, 2009; 12:00 AM

Fair Use? Tell That To The Judge

The latest legal snit: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia v. a Fordham University law class.

Last year, law professor Joel Reidenberg told his students to find his personal data on the Internet to teach them privacy laws. This year, the professor assigned the same project about Scalia after the justice said he wasn't that worried about digital privacy. The class turned in a 15-page report with Scalia's home address, phone number, house value, favorite foods and movies, wife's personal e-mail and photos of his grandchildren, reports the legal tabloid Above the Law.

Scalia was not pleased, even though the report was not published outside the classroom. "It is not a rare phenomenon that what is legal may also be quite irresponsible. . . . Since he was not teaching a course in judgment, I presume he felt no responsibility to display any," Scalia told ATL.

No offense intended, the prof told ABA Journal, just a valuable class exercise.

A Gala's Star Attraction: Seeing Paris In Washington

In a roomful of high-powered women -- including Madeleine Albright and Kathleen Sebelius -- guess who stole the show Sunday night?

Paris Hilton.

The famous-for-being-famous celebutante, 28, was the surprise hit of the Kennedy Center Spring Gala, where D.C. doyennes and businessmen fluttered around her table and giggled while posing for pictures with Hilton. Folks may have tired of her antics in New York and L.A., but in D.C.? Marvelous novelty! At her side: 23-year-old boyfriend Doug Reinhardt -- minor league baseball player, part-time player on reality hit "The Hills" -- and his stepfather, Duane Roberts, inventor of the frozen burrito and a Kennedy Center board member.

It was hard to miss Hilton, in a bejeweled peach gown, rhinestone headband and ginormous diamond ring she told us had been her grandmother's. Prettier in person than you'd expect, and unfailingly polite -- the party, she declared, was "amazing" -- although we were unable to determine if it was more or less amazing than the Kentucky Derby, the party she attended the day before. "I bet on every horse that lost," she said with a laugh.

But this is her real genius: The second a camera homed in on her, she instinctively adjusted her body to the most flattering pose. Uncanny, really. She cannot take a bad picture. Who says she's got no talent?

Hilton was finally forced to give up the title of Most Popular at the post-dinner performance, when the night's second surprise -- Michelle Obama -- walked into the Concert Hall's presidential box to the oooh and aahs of the audience.

Obama, fresh from a very private dinner at Art and Soul, was accompanied by her mom, Marian Robinson, presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett, Social Secretary Desirée Rogers and others for a celebration of women in the arts. Most performers -- including standout k.d. lang -- gave shout-outs to the first lady. Lily Tomlin scored the best line: "You didn't ask to be put on a pedestal. My God, you're tall enough already."

Love, Etc.

-- Married: Maggie Gyllenhaal, 31, and Peter Sarsgaard, 38, Saturday in Brindisi, Italy. The acting duo, together for more than six years, have a 2-year-old daughter, Ramona.

Hey, Isn't That . . . ?

-- Al Franken dining at Georgetown's Cafe Bonaparte on Sunday night -- his wife, two kids, all dressed up, and everyone in the place gawking at them. Welcome to Washington, Mr. maybe-almost-Senator! Steak, moules frites.

-- Vera Wang brunching at Hook in Georgetown Sunday with six pals. Black workout suit. Ordered the hot dog and loved it so much she insisted on getting one for the table to share. The designer came to town for the Kennedy Center Spring Gala.

-- Mitt Romney waiting for a flight at Dulles's C terminal Saturday afternoon, graciously chatting or posing for pics with the few people who approached him. Looked surprisingly good in jeans. The former prez candidate came to Arlington for a future-of-the-GOP confab.

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