Wednesday, May 7, 2008

House Democrats, defying President Bush's threat of a veto, will offer a supplemental appropriation bill tomorrow that continues funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but includes other provisions opposed by the White House. The three amendments include:

Amendment 1:

· $162.6 billion to continue funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan well into 2009.

Amendment 2:

· A requirement to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq within 30 days of passage, with a goal of having all troops out of Iraq by December 2009 (except those providing embassy security).

· A mandate that any unit deployed to Iraq must meet Pentagon requirements that it be "fully mission capable."

· An anti-torture provision that requires the CIA to comply with interrogation techniques in the Army Field Manual.

Amendment 3:

· $1.2 billion for global food aid.

· $5.8 billion to repair levees in Louisiana.

· An additional $11 billion over 10 years for unemployment compensation.

· An expansion of education benefits for returning troops.

SOURCE: House Democrats

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