A Painful Trip to Nationals Park

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On May 3, my family and I attended our first baseball game at Nationals Park. Because some members of my family are disabled, we were worried about our transportation options. But we followed the advice on the Washington Nationals' Web site and drove to RFK Stadium, where we could park and take a bus to the game.

At RFK, an attendant assured us that we would not have to walk or stand for long periods to get to and from the new stadium (I can walk only about two blocks before my back begins to ache and my left leg starts to go numb). We also were told that there would be carts available where the bus dropped us off to take us the rest of the way to the ballpark.

But there were no carts. A worker told my husband: "I don't think they are running today." We had no choice but to start walking. (We tried to hail a cab, but of course we never saw one.) I was in tears by the time we reached the main gate.

After the game, we again tried to hail a cab, but none stopped. Finally, a D.C. police officer halted traffic, pointed to a taxi and directed the driver to pick us up. Thank heavens for the D.C. police! When we returned to the drop-off site, the line for the buses was very long, and it was painful to wait in it.

I have to say that the new Nationals Park is a mess for the elderly and disabled. I guess in Washington you have to be young and healthy to enjoy the great American pastime.


Prince Frederick

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