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The Commute: And We're Off!

Whether they're squeezing on a Red Line Metro train or inching along the Beltway over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Washington workers can all identify with the pain of commuting..
Monday, May 12, 2008

Look at it this way: As bad as your Metro commute may be, as packed as the trains may be, at least we don't have subway stuffers like they do in Tokyo, where the stuffers' actual job is to push riders into trains during rush hours.

No, about the worst that can be said about riding Metro is that -- God forbid -- you try to eat a PowerBar while sitting on a train. Also, bathrooms at the stations would be nice. But we digress.

It's been said that the only two unifying principles of Washington life are the Redskins and traffic. It's sometimes hard to tell which brings Washingtonians the most misery.

But for some drivers who have achieved a certain Zen -- and we encourage this -- the solitary morning and evening commutes are their only times of peace during busy days of being pushed and pulled by family and bosses. Just you, your beverage, your favorite talk radio host and a climate-controlled cocoon of tranquillity.

--Frank Ahrens

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