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William Walker: The Washington Man

Follow William Walker, president and chief executive officer of Walker & Dunlop, through his day at the mortgage brokerage, located in Bethesda, Md.
Monday, May 12, 2008

Kindly direct your attention to Washington Man. William Walker is a fine example of the species. His coat is made of cotton, silk and wool; it effectively blends into his surroundings while subtly announcing his status and authority. Gone is the festive, attention-grabbing plumage of his youth.

Watch as he freely roams through chest-high cubicle farms, wood-paneled conference rooms and the other ecosystems of his natural habitat. He leaves his mate and offspring each day after sunup, communicating with those of his kind via complex electronic devices. Too time-pressed by his activities to sit for a midday meal, he launches quick, efficient hunting raids to convenience stores. He consumes the spoils en route to his workplace, piled with bound reports, RFPs, mission statements and other totems of his people.

Long after sundown, he joins the herd in a mad rush back home, where he will lull his nestlings to sleep -- safe and sound -- with the folk tales of their tribe.

--Frank Ahrens

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