Can a Road Team Win?

Given USC's recent problems, football coach Pete Carroll should be put on notice, says Tony Kornheiser.
Given USC's recent problems, football coach Pete Carroll should be put on notice, says Tony Kornheiser. (By Elaine Thompson -- Associated Press)
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By Talking Points By Tony Kornheiser And Michael Wilbon
Thursday, May 15, 2008

TK: Statistics work when they work and then they are modified when they don't work anymore. . . . People who say it has never happened before and therefore it won't happen again, no no no. It's never happened before. That's all you can say. The one series that is the most interesting is San Antonio and New Orleans because they are killing each other. There has not been a single close game. Nothing is remotely close and these two teams won the exact [same] amount of games in the regular season.

MW: There is only one that I would count as struggling -- the Celtics -- because they haven't won on the road yet. . . . Never in the NBA, in all the championships that have been contested . . . never has a team won a championship without winning at least three road games. . . . Three is the minimum. . . . The other thing is, the teams are so even, we knew this going in. It's the tightest race ever in the West. . . . Maybe the Celtics simply win at home, and they play four of seven against Detroit and they win their home games, and they play four of seven against the Lakers. . . . A hunch or home-court, that's all you got.

Justine Henin Abruptly Retires

MW: I have a worse feeling about this. Something just isn't right because you just don't go. You don't. I'm sorry, even if you wanted to get pregnant and you got pregnant tomorrow, it doesn't mean you can't play. You wouldn't even know until after the French Open is over . . . there is something we don't know about . . . and I'm not even a skeptic usually.

TK: We went to this yesterday with Annika where you have these terrible fears, maybe there's a terrible illness, maybe there's a drug situation, nobody really knows what it is . . . she just said, "I'm done." I'm going to tell you something: Even when guys say, "I'm done," they don't think they're done and they don't mean they're done because guys are raised to go until somebody puts their foot on your neck and you have to quit. . . . Here is something that no man has ever said: She said, 'Now my life as a woman starts' . . . no man thinks of, sort of the larger issues of their life. Men just play. . . . The sporting culture is mostly male. We would all be better served to understand, from a woman, what this is about.

Could Romo Get a Better Jessica?

MW: There is a better Jessica. . . . Jessica Biel is the hottest thing, maybe ever.

TK: Do you think there's a possibility that one of the Bundchens is named Jessica? There's like five Bundchens.

MW: If Romo can get in a trade a straight-up Jessica-for-Jessica situation, and the salaries match up, you make that deal.

TK: You even pay the luxury tax.

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