Best Jobs for Introverts

Sunday, May 18, 2008


(Jobs with the highest overall ratings for earnings, projected growth and number of openings)

1. Computer software engineer (applications)

2. Computer software engineer (systems software)

3. Computer systems analyst

4. Network systems and data communications analyst

5. Accountant and auditor

6. Lawyer

7. Financial analyst

8. Personal financial adviser

9. Medical scientist (except epidemiologist)

10. Market research analyst


1. Astronomer

2. Lawyer

3. Physicist

4. Political scientist

5. Aerospace engineer

6. Computer software engineer (systems software)

7. Actuary

8. Electronics engineer (except computer)

9. Computer software engineer (applications)

10. Atmospheric and space scientist

SOURCE: "Best Jobs for Introverts,"

JIST Publishing

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