Monday, May 19, 2008 Tips and guides, including an interactive tool to help analyze and improve daily diet and physical activity. A corporate challenge, too. Information on portion control, healthy eating, active living and local programs.

An Online BMI Calculator, Tips Calculators to determine and interpret the body mass index for all ages. Join a national "challenge" by logging your activity and comparing it with others'. Tips and tools for getting active at any age. Obesity-related measures by states last year. Legislative action and obesity-related news and reports.

Tips for Eating Out You can text-message to get free nutritional information for dishes served at restaurants nationwide. | Quiz to "Rate Your Restaurant Diet." Information about food programs and healthy eating, especially for schools and communities with fewer resources.

Tips to Lobby Your School How to pack a healthier school lunch, how to lobby for better school policy, how to choose fast foods. Program targeting healthy eating and fitness habits in elementary-school children. Curriculum to help guide middle-school students in fitness and nutrition. Information on organizing classroom programs.

Tips to Read Labels, Cut TV How to read food labels and score food, on nutrients, serving size and cost. Recipes and meal ideas. How to limit children's TV viewing. Family obesity resources.

Tips to Kill Bad Ads Information about child obesity worldwide and an international campaign to stop the marketing of unhealthy food to children. Landmark report on U.S. childhood obesity by the Institute of Medicine. Links to subsequent related reports on matters such as food marketing to children, schools' roles and the built environment. Comprehensive information about nutrition, physical activity, and overweight and obesity.

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