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Still After the Holy Grail

The battle for the Democratic party's presidential nomination continued Tuesday as Oregon and Kentucky primary results flowed in.

"The states I've won total 300 electoral votes. The states Barack's won total 217 electoral votes."

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Black Knight: "The Black Knight always triumphs!" (Arthur chops off Black Knight's remaining leg, then crosses the bridge). "Running away, eh? You yellow bastards! Come back here and take what's coming to you. I'll bite your legs off!"

Clinton's motorcade takes her to the coal town of Prestonburg. Along the route, a gas station lists regular unleaded at $3.96 9/10 . A sign in front of a church offers encouragement: "We are too blessed to be depressed." It is a long drive, past modest municipalities such as Lowmansville, and when she emerges in Prestonburg, Clinton has a new accent.

She's talking about "helpin' folks" and "puttin' 3 million Americans to work" and "fixin' up this country" and "changin' the tax code" and "lookin' for a way" to fix the energy crisis. "Ah'm convinced there's a lotta new jobs," she says.

Clinton has a new reason to stay in the race -- President Bush's former chief strategist. "Just today . . . one of the TV networks released an analysis by, of all people, Karl Rove, saying I am the stronger candidate," she says of research by Rove's firm showing Clinton doing better than Obama against McCain, based on the averaging of state opinion polls.

Clinton, speaking in front of the porch of a modest home, singles out a sign held by a woman in a wheelchair: "I am 89. We need a woman in the White House in my lifetime."

The candidate is not about to let her octogenarian supporter down. "There is no way that this is gonna end anytime soon," vows Knight Clinton, standing her ground at the bridge.

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