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The Sisters are Steamed

"Yeah, because the Bush administration and its enabler, Bill O'Reilly, have absolutely no responsibility of any kind for deaths in Iraq. Heck, Bush even promised Pat Robertson there would be no casualties. And we all know, Bush is never wrong . . . in Bizarro World.

"But O'Reilly's usual level of disconnect is being exceeded in this case because he has the thinnest skin in the world."

Jossip focuses on the liberal blogger who took a video camera to O'Reilly's Long Island home (and was criticized by Olbermann):

"The most worthwhile takeaway from the O'Reilly/News Corp. vs Olbermann/GE feud story isn't the whiny phone calls from Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch to Jeff Zucker and Jeff Immelt complaining about Keith's attacks on Fox News, or the whiny phone calls from Steve Capus to Ailes complaining about O'Reilly's attacks on NBC News correspondent Richard Engel.

"It's that News Corp. wanted an lefty blog's Bill O'Reilly 'ambush video' to be off limits for Olbermann, even though O'Reilly's own use of ambush video cameras drive some of the show's highest ratings and YouTube views."

Radio Equalizer objects to the notion that the New York Post shouldn't weigh in on these matters:

"Does this mean criticism of MSNBC should be off-limits at the Post? Prohibiting discussion of topics based on corporate edicts would be just as alarming as solid evidence the paper is being used as a weapon against an enemy. In the end, Murdoch conspiracy theorists are going to believe what they want and Olbermann's ratings will remain in the tank, despite the support his media friends provide nearly every day."

I'm out of space (virtually speaking), but you may want to check out my report on how the McCain camp pushes back against negative media reports--using words like "scurrilous," "shameful" and "smear job."

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