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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Jenn: I got to the restaurant 10 minutes early and had them seat me at our table. When Greg arrived, my first reaction was, "Oh, he's white." I usually date Asian, Indian or black guys. And I'm seeing someone right now. I know he really likes me, but we're not exclusive. When I told him I was doing Date Lab, he was kind of upset, which made me feel good. I need him to bite the bullet and [make things more official].

Greg: Jenn was pretty. I normally like ethnic girls, but it didn't bother me that she was white.

Jenn: We ordered dinner, and right away he suggested we play Twenty Questions to guess what our occupations were. I was thinking, Do we really need to? But I figured he's a teacher, and I didn't want to be rude.

Greg: She had a strange look on her face, but I went with it anyway. I'm 32 and single; I don't feel this desperate need to be in a relationship.

Jenn: We had some things in common -- my mom is a teacher, so we talked about that. But he's not really into sports, and I love football, so that was kind of a turnoff. And I love city life, going out to trendy bars and clubs like Ibiza or Park, and he's more of a, "Let's go grab a couple of beers and watch a movie" type. More of a homebody.

Greg: I'd go to a trendy bar once in a while, but every Saturday night would get old. For me, it's more about who I'm with.

Jenn: About halfway through dinner, I realized we hadn't really taken any pictures [for Date Lab]. We had to fill up two cameras! One would have been fine.

Greg: I proposed that we think of some funny [poses], to put a twist on it. Jenn was a little hesitant, but she seemed into it enough. If I felt like she [really] didn't want to do it, I'd have given up the idea.

Jenn: At first I was like, Oh, crap, this is going to be in the paper. Some of his ideas were dumb, like taking a picture of us getting held up at an ATM, but some were really funny. So we left the restaurant at around 10, and we took pictures of us reading Sex for Dummies at Books-A-Million and looking at condoms at CVS. After about a half-hour, I was thinking, Let's wrap this up. If CVS weren't our last stop, I'd have said something. We walked to my car. At the end of the date, there's always that moment of "Do we shake hands, hug, kiss on the cheek or the lips?"

Greg: We hugged, and I gave her a kiss on the cheek. It's a little weird that she thought it was awkward. I just didn't read that much into it. She's a cool girl; she's nice; she's pretty. But there weren't any significant sparks. I'd give [the date] a 3 [out of 5].

Jenn: I'd give it a 3. He was really nice, and we laughed a lot. There just wasn't any chemistry. And I find myself very emotionally attracted to the guy I'm seeing. Maybe this will encourage him!

Interviews by Michelle Hainer

UPDATE: No contact between the daters. But Jenn's quasi-boyfriend, she says, has gone legit and introduced her to some of his family.

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