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The Land of Bluegrass, Bourbon and Kool-Aid

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) spoke from Louisville, Kentucky Tuesday after winning the state's primary, where she vowed to continue on. Video by APEditor: Jacqueline Refo/

Take another dram of Kool-Aid and plunk down three quarters for Tuesday's Louisville Courier-Journal. Skip the front-page headline that says "Obama likely to cinch elected delegates" and go to the full-page ad on Page A8, bought by a San Francisco political action committee. "Not so fast," it begins. "Hillary's voice is OUR voice . . . We are the women of this nation."

Refill your cup with the sweet stuff and stop at the Starbucks in the Marriott lobby in Louisville, where Clinton's Kentucky chairman, Jerry Lundergan, was waiting for the victory party to start on Tuesday afternoon. "We're winning 90 to 10 in the mountains!" he exulted.

Maybe it's the Kool-Aid talking, but this kind of lopsided loss feels like a big problem for Obama. "It's gonna be fun tonight," announced Clinton's national chairman, Terry McAuliffe, standing nearby. And McAuliffe doesn't even need Kool-Aid. "I sip Bud," he confided.

Supporters were just entering the ballroom when, at the stroke of 7 p.m., CNN's Wolf Blitzer, on the projection screen, forecast "a dramatic win for Hillary Clinton . . . perhaps by 30 points." The gathering Clinton crowd was still cheering when CNN's Gloria Borger, at 7:05, reminded everybody that "the prospects are not great" for Clinton, and Donna Brazile mused: "Will it be enough? . . . I don't believe so."


Clinton fans at the Marriott, most of them women, displayed a defiant message for the cameras. "Yes, women can!" proclaimed one poster. "Yes she will!" said another.

Clinton gave a speech of triumph. "We're winning the popular vote!" she told the packed hall. "I'm told that more people have voted for me than for anybody who has ever run for the Democratic nomination."

"It's especially sweet tonight," Clinton said.

The Kentucky victory? Or the Kool-Aid?

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