The Anti-Government Debate

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Libertarian Party kicks off its presidential nominating convention in Denver tomorrow, but first the candidates mixed it up last night at a pre-convention Washington debate.

Yeah, it was about as exciting as all those other debates. Bob Barr and Mike Gravel-- front-runners to head the 2008 ticket -- appeared at Reason magazine headquarters for what turned out to be a wonky group hug because . . . well, when it comes to things they hate, Libertarians all agree that government tops the list. And they all love the fact that 2008 is a real opportunity: This year, predicted editor Matt Welch , the party will " 'Naderize' John McCain."

Barr, a former Republican rep from Georgia, wore a dark suit, striped shirt and hipster black wire-rims that made him way cooler than before, reports our colleague Marissa Newhall. Gravel, in dark suit, yellow tie, looked like a former Democratic senator from Alaska, but he's the guy who did a video with Obama Girl. "I said, 'Okay, as long as it's dignified, serious and funny.' "

In case you're wondering: The party offered its nomination to GOP candidate Ron Paul, who ran on the Libertarians' 1988 ticket, but he declined. Reason associate editor David Weigel told us that Barr will "get the most votes on the first ballot, but he's the underdog." Barr hopes to snag votes from conservatives who hate McCain; Gravel appeals to those who just can't stand Washington's rules and regulations.

The convention is being held, appropriately enough, in the Mile High City: The Marijuana Policy Project hosts the opening reception with coffee, tea and scones. Scones? Dudes.

Love, Etc.

Married: Jessica Alba and Cash Warren on Monday. The actress, 27, and producer, 31, quietly tied the knot after a six-month engagement, reports People magazine. The couple have dated for four years and are expecting a baby this summer.

So Many Scenes, So Little Time For the 'National Treasure' Movie Extras

No one ever said it was easy being a movie extra -- and last night was especially tough for those who only stand and wait. "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" was shot in and around Washington, but there was no local premiere when the film came out last December. So, to celebrate yesterday's DVD release, all the Washington area actors who appeared in the movie were invited to strut their stuff down a red (well, maroon) carpet at the totally tony Arlington Cinema 'N' Drafthouse.

More than 200 extras ( Jon Voight's stand-in, the Secret Service agent, the woman in the red dress on the steps of the National Archives) planned to attend until -- yikes -- duty called: Extras in "Night at the Museum 2," including many of the "Treasure" folks, were called back to the Mall last night when a scene didn't finish filming as scheduled on Monday.

Those who made the party were treated to free popcorn, sodas, DVDs and about one second of fame: Each actor was asked to stand up and take a bow when he or she showed up anywhere on the screen.


"Daddy, do something about global warming! The ice sculpture is melting!"

-- One of the "Top 10 Things Overheard at Jenna Bush's Wedding," which appears in this week's "Late Show With David Letterman" e-newsletter.

This Just In . . .

Katie Holmes makes her Broadway debut this fall in a revival of Arthur Miller's"All My Sons." She will co-star with John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest and Patrick Wilson in the story of a corrupt businessman who sold defective airplane parts to the military.

Lindsay Lohan has been sued for damages by a woman who claims the pop star nabbed her $12,000 fur coat. In a suit filed Monday in Manhattan, Maria Markova says Lohan walked out of an exclusive party in January wearing Markova's blond sheared mink and kept it for three weeks before returning it -- only after the college student saw a picture of the starlet wearing what appeared to be the coat and called Lohan's reps. Lohan lawyer Blair Berk told the Associated Press it would be inappropriate to comment on the case.

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