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Misjudging Nutritional Expectations

McDonald's hamburger

Happy Meal with diet

soda or water: 480

calories, 20 grams of fat

Waiter, I'd Like to Order

The Nutritional Information

Lesson: New York City has required all chain restaurants with more than 15 outlets to put calorie and fat information on their menus. To comply, dozens of chains, from Applebee's to Olive Garden, have been scrambling to make nutritional information available to customers. Starting June 4, restaurants that don't provide the information risk a fine. If you can't tell whether an item is healthy, ask your server, or visit the restaurant's Web site.

Romano's Macaroni

Grill's Chicken Caesar

salad: 69 grams fat


Romano's Macaroni

Grill's BBQ Chicken

Pizza: 24 grams of fat

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