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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chelsea fans might have been miserable after their heroes were beaten by Manchester United in a shootout to win the Champions League title last week in Moscow. While that game gripped most of the soccer world, D.C. United fans are stunned at their lads' 2-7 record before Saturday's victory -- the perennial MLS contender's worst start in its 13-year history. The Talkback column has never solicited advice from readers for righting a team. But United fans, some of the most enthusiastic sports fans in town, always have lots of opinions. So if they want to share their views for getting United back on track, send them to I'm sure the club and Coach Tom Soehn will appreciate the help.


As a lifelong Orioles fan, it's great to finally have a true local rivalry when it comes to interleague play. I really enjoyed listening to the banter between Jim Palmer, Don Sutton and to a lesser degree Gary Thorne on MASN. But Bob Carpenter was insufferable. Come on Bob, we know who signs your checks; give the hometown stuff a rest.

Paul Gatons, Damascus

I thought MASN's broadcast team did a fine job last weekend and was evenhanded throughout the series. If anyone can be faulted for being a homer, how about former O's catcher Rick Dempsey, who was chortling at Nats fans after Baltimore won the first two games of the series. Still, we like Dempsey too much to get angry at him.

* * *

Not to paraphrase Joe McCarthy, but the Nats have too many Reds in the organization. I have confidence in Stan Kasten to put together a first-rate organization, but no confidence in GM Jim Bowden and his roster of Reds Rejects -- Austin Kearns, Felipe López, etc.

Athan Manuel, Washington

Bowden's deals with Cincinnati appear better than his acquisition of Lastings Milledge from the Mets for Brian Schneider-Ryan Church. That looks awful.

* * *

Nick Johnson appears to have the injury curse. In another life, did he play for Les Boulez?

Bob Moss, Silver Spring

I'm sure TK appreciates your remembering the tag he hung on the Bullets.

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I read in (Sunday's) sports section that Jason Giambi has been wearing gold thong underwear as a good luck charm to break a batting slump. If this doesn't work and he discards his briefs in disgust, might we say that the thong is gone but the malady lingers on?

Neil Shawen, Falls Church

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