Correction to This Article
An earlier version of this column incorrectly implied that Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 Web browser does not allow users to remove a Web page's address from its list of recently visited sites. To do so, click the star icon at the top left of the browser's window to open the "Favorites Center," click the "History" heading, right-click on an unwanted address and select "Delete."

Fast Forward's Help File

By Rob Pegoraro
Sunday, June 1, 2008

Q My anti-virus option, AVG Free 7.5, has been pestering me to upgrade to the 8.0 release -- which doesn't seem to be free anymore. Am I missing something?

AHere we go again. About a year and a half ago, Grisoft, the Czech firm behind the popular, free AVG anti-virus program, confused many users with "please upgrade now" notices that failed to note that the upcoming 7.5 version, like the older 7.1 release, would be available in free and paid editions.

Grisoft seems to be repeating that mistake. Copies of its AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 7.5 have begun to display a notice headlined "New version" that touts the release of AVG 8.0. But clicking that notice's "Download now!" button takes you to a page that mentions only AVG Internet Security 8.0, a $54.99 product with many more functions than virus protection.

To download the free edition of AVG 8.0, ignore that page and instead visit As before, it's only free for personal, at-home use.

I incorrectly typed a Web page's address into Firefox and was sent to some other site. Now the browser suggests that other page when I start to type in the correct address.

To clear an entry from the "auto-complete" list that Firefox uses to suggest addresses of frequently visited pages, type enough of that address for it to appear in the list that drops down below the browser's address bar. Then hit the down-arrow key to select the offending entry, and hit Delete.

The same procedure, unfortunately, does not work to expunge a Web address from Internet Explorer's auto-complete list. Instead, you'll have to delete the whole list via the Tools menu's "Delete Browsing History..." command.

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