Unwelcome Change, Or a Chance

By Michelle Singletary
Sunday, June 1, 2008

As the economy continues to slide, many people will face unwelcome changes in their lives. Already people have lost jobs, homes, cars and, in some cases, hope.

But with all this change comes the chance to turn a negative situation into an opportunity to live for what you love, say Robert and Melinda Blanchard.

"The desire to change course is often the result of some kind of wake-up call," the Blanchards write in their new book "Changing Your Course: The 5-Step Guide to Getting the Life You Want" (Sterling, $14.95).

No question the housing market is shaking people up. And that's good for some because a wake-up call was needed to change how people used their homes. We now know a home isn't a bottomless piggy bank for people to shake loose money whenever it is wanted. Maybe, just maybe, this housing crisis will make people better money managers.

After selecting books over the past two months about the debt hole Americans have dug for themselves, I thought for June I would lighten the mood a little by choosing "Changing Your Course" as the Color of Money Book Club pick.

This is an unapologetic feel-good book. There's even a slightly hokey hook to this tome.

The Blanchards lead you through the five steps in order to D.R.E.A.M., which stands for the following:

· Decide what you want to change.

· Research your options about whatever it is you want to accomplish.

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