No Dem Damage To Their Day

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Monday, June 2, 2008

Danielle DeBuchananne's wedding coordinator waited until the day before the event to warn her about the last-minute additions to the guest list.

"There will be protesters," the bride says she was told on Friday.

"How many?" she asked.

"Just a few," the planner assured her.

Turned out to be more than that. DeBuchananne and groom Matt Rogers of Reston found themselves at rancorous Ground Zero in the battle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama when the Democratic Party held its Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting at the same time and place -- Saturday, the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel -- as their 200-guest wedding reception.

The happy couple was toasted amid angry hallway clashes and a barrage of hollering and sign-waving. DeBuchananne encountered ladies' room partisans wanting to know whom she supported; and Rogers's Philly relatives couldn't resist sneaking away to check out the (sort of) historic action in the nearby committee room.

Did it ruin their big day? Hardly. "Matt and I were like, this is D.C., this is what you get when you live here," the new Mrs. Rogers, 26, a sales manager for a marketing company, told us yesterday. "That's why I wanted to have the wedding in the city -- this is why we have such a great country."

"We could let it ruin the wedding, or we could embrace it," said Rogers, 29, who works in finance with Accenture. "We embraced it." So when the protesters shouted, "Count the vote, count the vote!" and "Fifty states, not 48!" the bridesmaids came back with "Danielle and Matt in Oh-Eight!"

(The answer to the ladies' room question: The newlyweds like Obama. "Neither of us are big Hillary people," DeBuchananne said. "It's funny that she was a big part of our wedding.")

Back at their room, they were surprised by a huge platter of food, a nice bottle of champagne and a note: "Thank you so much for sharing your day with us." Signed: Howard Dean and the Democratic National Committee.

A Little Delay of Game

The invitation said Saturday, but Santana Moss waited until Sunday to show up for his own birthday party at Pose Ultra Lounge at the new National Harbor complex. Then again, the Redskins wide receiver didn't actually turn 29 until June 1; he rolled in around 12:30 a.m. with a crew of old U-Miami teammates: Edgerrin James (Cardinals), Reggie Wayne (Colts), Willis McGahee (Ravens) and brother Sinorice, flashing his N.Y. Giants Super Bowl ring.

The lateness baffled Skins QB Jason Campbell, who made an unfashionably early arrival at 11 p.m. "See, I don't even stay out that long," he told our sports blogging colleague Dan Steinberg."One or 2 a.m., I'm gone." The birthday boy dressed casual -- chains, a do-rag -- in contrast to the previous night's "white party" at Ibiza. "I think I look a little jiggy," Moss said. He added: "I'm turning 30 next year. I've got to top this."


Married: Charlie Sheen, 42, to real estate agent Brooke Mueller, 30, Friday night in a small ceremony in Beverly Hills, Calif., putting the twice-divorced "Two and a Half Men" star and rehab vet off the market, for the time being. Sheen proposed last summer with a $500K rock, about a year after his divorce from Denise Richards, with whom he remains in a custody battle over their two toddler daughters. He also has a 23-year-old daughter from another relationship.

- - -

"Because you got it free this evening, some of you probably may even read it. We were told by Milton Friedman there are no free lunches. To distribute books free of charge is a mistake and a devaluation of the book."

-- Czech President Václav Klaus, a free-market economist by trade, complaining that his new book ("Blue Planet in Green Shackles: What is Endangered: Climate or Freedom?") ended up in the swag bag (along with candy, T-shirts and Samuel Adams bobbleheads) at the Competitive Enterprise Institute dinner last week. The global-warming skeptic was the guest speaker for the libertarian organization's gala.

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