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On the Fence and in the Spotlight

"I was really relating to Hillary and appreciating the strength she's shown through all of this," she said. "I was getting the feeling that she was being bullied out of this race.

"I felt, you know what, if I came out now for Obama, it'd feel like I was kicking her in the teeth. I'd just be another one of the bullies telling her to get out."

Mizeur kept her pledge not to endorse until the last primaries. She talked with Kerry again Monday night.

Yesterday, Mizeur was sitting in her dentist's chair when Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D-Kan.), called on Obama's behalf. Hours earlier, Mizeur was on Capitol Hill and bumped into Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.), an Obama supporter who formerly represented Mizeur's home town in the House.

Today, she plans to notify the campaigns of her endorsement.

"It's time for everyone to rally around our nominee. I intend to pledge my support for Barack Obama. I am going to extremely enthusiastically support him."

There were times she questioned whether staying neutral was the right choice. For her and others, these are uncharted waters. There is no guide to being a superdelegate.

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