Finding A Date For Nov. 4

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Will he? Won't he? Will she? Won't she? Doesn't the veepstakes feel sorta like getting a prom date? (Watch out for those stabby boutonnieres!)

-- Libby Copeland

The day started out with Hillary Clinton "absolutely ready" to discuss the possibility of Barack Obama picking her for vice president, if he thought that would be nice for the party. The way supporter Bob Johnson described it, Clinton hadn't pushed him to do this, but she hadn't tried to stop him, either. Throughout the day, Clinton herself remained publicly coy.

lovespuppies4eva: u want him to ask u

Sassy2008: i didnt and then i did and then i didnt and now

Sassy2008: i dunno

lovespuppies4eva: OMG gurl u r crazy

Sassy2008: hes cute right

lovespuppies4eva: yeah

Sassy2008: but those ears

lovespuppies4eva: yeah

Meanwhile, Obama named a group, including Caroline Kennedy, to lead the search. And anybody who had an opinion of any sort offered it. Former president Jimmy Carter, never publicly coy, told the Guardian newspaper that Obama picking Clinton would be "the worst mistake that could be made." Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, the notoriously blunt Clinton supporter, volunteered Bill Clinton could be a real problem:

"The Obama campaign would have to make strict rules, you know, about what President Clinton could and could not do during the campaign."

Jaceyguy: u shud ask her

MrHoops: dave says she already has a bf

Jaceyguy: whatev shes been smiling at U

Jaceyguy: and doing that thing w her hair

MrHoops: dave says dudes big and gets in fights alot

Jaceyguy: you cud take him

MrHoops: the thing is, i dont think i LIKE her like her

Jaceyguy: dude she has like a bazillion friends

Jaceyguy: and she knows all the afterparties

The victor was plenty coy, too. He praised Clinton in a speech and said he spoke to her Wednesday but it wasn't a "detailed" discussion. "We are going to be having a conversation in the coming weeks." Rep. Rahm Emanuel, who for the longest time liked to say he was hiding under his desk to avoid an endorsement, came out and backed Obama, and said the Illinois senator's decision to pick a running mate should not be rushed.

Kinda like Clinton's decision about dropping out.

lovespuppies4eva: ????

Sassy2008: he called me

Sassy2008: but then he didnt ask me!

lovespuppies4eva: maybe he doesnt know yer interested. maybe you shud tell alicia to tell him yer interested

Sassy2008: i did :(

Sassy2008: maybe i shud just skip the prom

lovespuppies4eva: nooo u been waiting 4eva!

Sassy2008: stupid thing is i dont even like him

Sassy2008: but i want him to ask me

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