Three Wise Guys: Dubbing vs. Subtitles, Jogging in the Street, Quinine in Tonic Water

(By Danny Hellman)
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By Joe Heim, Justin Rude and Dan Zak
Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dear Wise Guys:

If you were wanting to impress your date by taking them to a foreign film, which would be more sophisticated and easier to watch: a dubbed movie or a subtitled one?


Dan: Sous-titres, toujours.

(Subtitles, always.)

Le doublage n'est jamais correct, sauf dans le programme de Spike TV "MXC," autrefois "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge," ce qui lui donne une forme artistique.

(Dubbing is never appropriate, except in Spike TV's "MXC," formerly "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge," where it's an art form.)

Merci pour votre question, vous malfaiteur glouton.

(Thanks for your question, sir.)

Joe: Though if your date is blind (as in "can't see" blind not "you haven't met before" blind), you should opt for dubbing over subtitles.

Justin: You can even add a bit of sophistication to otherwise crude Hollywood films by turning on subtitles when watching a DVD. Out of Almodóvar? "Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector" with English subtitles is a good second choice.

Dear You-Who-Are-So-Wise:

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