He'll have to wait a few weeks if he wants Apple's new iPhone 3G, starting at $199, at Apple Stores.
He'll have to wait a few weeks if he wants Apple's new iPhone 3G, starting at $199, at Apple Stores. (Apple Inc. - Associated Press)
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ah, Father's Day. What to get, what to get? That whole shirt-and-tie thing? Always useful, but played out. Golf gadgets? So last Father's Day. So old school.

What do you get for the father who still yearns to be the master of all that is hip -- even while maneuvering in the minivan or attending the PTA?

Some suggestions:

For zipping around on Soccer Saturdays, or just posing while jammed up on the 14th Street bridge, the proper pair of shades is in order. Ray-Bans are having, as they say in fashionspeak, A Moment. These days they come in a range of colors, from neon bright to basic black. While you're at it, get him a subscription to Uncut, the too-cool-for-you British music mag. It's easy to forget that there is music beyond the Wiggles.

For the K Street set, cool cuff links could do the trick. Chas Schwartz makes custom cuff links of any design, such as funky antique revolvers.

For those with a serious sweet tooth, why not opt for some extreme chocolate? Vosges Haut-Chocolat's Aztec Truffle Collection will take him on the wild side of cocoa beans, with flavorful zaps of ancho chilies -- yes, chilies -- or vanilla bean or Argentinean dulce de leche.

After noshing on all those chocolates, he'll be needing a little extra exercise. So help the man out with the Wii Fit. He won't have to move (much) away from the couch and the remote. (Hey, it's a start.) And he might even break a sweat.

For the early adopter, write him an IOU and keep him waiting for the newest incarnation of the iPhone, coming to an Apple Store near you July 11. Yes, you'll be aiding and abetting Steve Jobs in his quest for world domination, but it's twice as fast! And half the price!

-- Teresa Wiltz

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